Park Ranch Project Statement by Douglas County Commissioner John Engels - November 7, 2019

The law firm representing Park Ranch placed an ad in the Record Courier newspaper October 17, 2019 titled “The Real Facts...Park Ranch 2500.” This ad extolled the virtues of building 2,500 homes on property owned by Park Holdings off of (yet to be built) Muller Lane. This ad stated that there is a group presenting that truth is being concealed by “a fog of misinformation” being presented by a minority group from Douglas County. The ad continued with a quote by Spiro Agnew as...”the nattering nabobs of negativity.”

Agnew pleaded no contest to a charge of federal income tax evasion in exchange for the dropping of charges of political corruption. He was subsequently fined $10,000, sentenced to three years’ probation, and disbarred by a Maryland court of appeals. Good choice of examples to follow.

I take umbrage with what this ad, by Mr. Forsberg (Park Holdings Attorney), said as a veiled attack on This Commissioner personally and the good people of Douglas County. You are the law firm that represents Park Holdings. This Commissioner, on the other hand, was elected by the good residents of Douglas County to represent them. Your attack, on me, an attack on every resident of Douglas County who does not agree with you and who you represent. We have never called you any name but you come here and insult us.

You extol the virtues of this project and how it is the greatest thing since the invention of peanut butter.

You fail to mention that you also represent the Virginia Ranch Project just down the road from Park. So the reality is that this Park Project is a Trojan Horse that will open vastly greater development in our county.

You talk about Muller Lane as if it will be the panacea to all the traffic congestion in our Carson Valley. This is not a true statement because how do you know?

You make no mention of infrastructure traffic congestion, adequate good water, super markets that provide our food, medical facilities that are already way over crowded. You offer no imagination of development...just build more houses and everything will be great. What you present is pure “moonlight on the shovel.”

You breathlessly extol the need to build more houses and this will resolve problems faced by our county. Nothing could be further from the “truth” for which you exalt as truth. Under cross examination you speak with “forked tongue.” You are the equivalent of a “hired gun” to achieve your objective at the expense of the good citizens of Douglas County.

There are over 7,500 housing projects in the county that have been approved and are currently in one phase or another of build out. That's over 30,000 more vehicle trips per day on our core county streets. How are we to handle this flood of cars to an already over congested system of streets.

For those who have accused me, in the past, that I do not write my own advised I wrote this presentation with no help or guidance from anyone who you claim to be attempting to control our county. On the contrary you are the one attempting to dictate the narrative of development in Douglas County.

You make it sound as though Park has some divine right bestowed on him as he is the beneficiary of family members who came before him. That is not a vision for our community This Commissioner or the recently arrived settlers share with you. You make it sound as though theses new settlers have no right to their own vision of how our county should be developed.

When the first settlers came into this valley they just took the land from the Piute Indians. The Indians were never paid for the land taken from them. Today we have new settlers who have moved here.

These new settlers paid developers for houses built on land taken from the Indians that they so virtuously claim...

These developers have now created their own problem. The new settlers do not want any more hodgepodge growth in their county as they have a different vision for our county.

If you were my legal counsel and published such an ad I would fire you!